16. nóvember 2018

Í tilefni dagsins, sem er Dagur íslenskrar tungu:

I was sitting in a taxi with Harold once, when we’d been doing Betrayal for a bit, and halfway home I asked him about one of the characters in the play. I said: “What’s the meaning of Casey?” I’d become a little bit over-analytical. He said: “Jesus, Janie, you sound like an American university student! He’s a publisher. That’s it! There’s nothing weird about it.” He expected you to trust yourself. If you asked him about something he’d written, he’d answer: “I don’t know. I just wrote it.” (Janie Dee, leikkona, í Guardian, 15. nóv. 2018, þar sem hún tjáir sig um leikrit Harolds Pinter, Betrayal)